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COTTENHAM SERVICES has been providing route-to-market services for the Australian wine industry for over 25 years. Founded in 1989 by Mark Fesq, Cottenham Services continues to help Australian and New Zealand wine companies with key services in the wholesale trade.

Current and former clients include many noted wine companies.

Cottenham Services was founded on the belief that efficiency in administrative tasks makes for a better sales & marketing organisation. Allowing Australian wine companies to amortise costs associated with administration and logistics, by sharing those tasks with other like-minded organisation, the outcome is more time and money invested in sales.

Since its creation in 1989 by Mark Fesq, Cottenham Services has worked with many recognised distribution companies and wineries. The capabilities and services included stock control, logistics management, customer service, access to advanced IT systems, financial services.

If you would like to find out more about Cottenham Services, and the role it could play in your wine business, please contact Kylie Saare (

FESQ & COMPANY was founded in 1848 when a young man traveled from Bordeaux as a super cargo. Georges Fesq worked for his uncles Vigourous Freres, negociants on the Quai des Chartrons in Bordeaux.

In the last 166 years, under the stewardship of one Fesq to the next, the company has seen the many vicissitudes of the wine industry.


We operate in the premium wine category, believing the wines we represent can command a place in restaurants and retail shops through the prestige, quality and worth they embody.


We are a resource to our customers and a trusted partner to our wineries, both of whom are so often family businesses like ours.


We should have a trusted and equal relationship, be transparent in behavior and honorable in trading responsibilities. We expect to count relationships in decades, not years. Origins Founded in 1848 when a young man travelled from Bordeaux as a supercargo… The Future Fesq & Company will, as it has in the last five generations, embody the ideal that good wine, with a strong brand, will have a home in restaurants and worthy retail shops forever, and those wines will be supplied by high-quality, efficient distributors. We see no change to that in either turbulent or prosperous.

The modern wholesale wine company.

In 1848, Georges Fesq arrived in Sydney, carrying wines from his uncle’s negociant firm, Vigourous Freres. He found the market for wine in the colony to be good, so sent word home for more to be sent, and decided to settle. He founded Fesq & Company, which has thrived for six generations since. In a nod to the original gentlemen and their firm, Vigorous Brothers is a modern, dynamic company specialising in the very best of emerging and next-generation Australian wineries.


Firebrand has, since 2009, grown a little, taken on some more producers, and joined forces with another one-man wine giant, and even employed someone! 

But, even with all this corporate highflying, not much has changed. We only sell wine that we genuinely want to drink, made by people that we genuinely want to have a drink with, and we try not to take ourselves too seriously.

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